Sunday, 13 December 2015

Bea & Robin are getting Married!

This Autumn I was delighted to be asked by Beatrice and Robin to design their Wedding Invitation for their Summer 2016 celebrations. 

They requested I create the Invitation using paper cut out collage & for themselves & their 2 boys to be featured; a family portrait. The text was hand written in the centre & the size A5, once folded.

Earlier this week the postman dropped the printed Invitation through my letterbox, & here it is nestled in with the Christmas decorations on the mantel piece. This was my first paper cut out Invitation, & I'm rather pleased with it so hopefully it won't be my last.

Perhaps I'll make a Family Christmas card for my gang in a similar style, next Christmas. Or maybe you'd like one for your family? Do get in touch:

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